Got You Man Crowds Predictions

All the whos down in whoville…

One of my favorite arrogant pastimes is trying to predict where a show is going to go based on the themes and foreshadowing I think I’ve found in my over-analysis. But am I actually any good at it? Rarely.

Still, let’s try and predict where Gatchaman Crowds is going to go in episode 8, which the site says is named “Genuine

Genuine has a lot of meanings including honest emotion, but as far as art is concerned, the genuine article is contrasted to copies or counterfeits. Both have appeared in Gatchaman Crowds to date: Utsutsu’s super power is her copies, and Berg-Katze counterfeits people by kissing them. So I expect this episode will be about Utsutsu or Berg, but likely both.

I expect we’re likely to get Utsutsu’s back story, and information about her “real body” from OD, who will likely give this information to Hajime. Utsutsu’s Gatcha suit has been revealed in promotional artwork, so she’s certainly due to fight soon. When it’s time for a character to put their life at risk, it’s time to reveal their backstory to give it that emotional kick. This will also serve to flesh out OD as well, who has obviously acted as her surrogate father.

But now that Berg-Katze has left Hajime with a riddle, the next phase of his plan is due to begin. Rui has rejected his plan to take over the world, and even rebelled against him. But Berg doesn’t need the crowds, he just needs to be able to turn people against each other. And the easiest way to do that is to take over Sousai X and run GALAX.

Berg will kiss Rui, taking on his form. Once this is done, he will be able to fool Sousai X’s retinal scanners, fingerprint scanners, and voice prints. Counterfeit LOAD GALAX will perhaps recruit the 3 fired members of the hundred and exploit their resentment, or maybe he’ll just hand-pick a new 100 who are glory seekers, arrogant people with god complexes. He’ll have his army of Galactor… er, GALAXters that he can mislead or direct into causing mischief, spreading resentment among the population.

In episode 4, Hajime points out where the riot police are headquartered. That should be one hell of a Chekhov’s Gun.

The only way to stop a GALAX attack would be to shut down communication networks across the city. Paiman should have a good chance to redeem himself.

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