Fancy Theory: Kill la Kill? More like… Kill la Kill! (it works in Japanese)



Kill la Kill is 26 episodes, and most everyone figures that like, in Gurren Lagann, the second half of Kill la Kill will have a surprisingly different second arc, separating it from the first arc with a surprise.

This is correct.

The common assumption is that Satsuki will be a mere mini-boss facing an even bigger bad, and the two of them will team up together to fight the more malevolent force.

This is too easy. Give them way more credit.

The hints given in episode 10 give it away.

The second half is where Satsuki will be the protagonist. Ryuuko will be overcome by Senketsu, seeing as how it’s obviously corrupted her and made her into a jet-girl. The post-instrumentality clothing will be the big bad, but it will steal Ryuuko with it.

We’re getting all of the background on the relationships between Satsuki and her crew because they’re going to drive the second half, when Satsuki’s crazy plot to rule the world has to go on the backburner because FASHION APOCALYPSE.

Consider all of the different meanings of the verb “kiru”, and also its parallelism in the title. Kill la Kill. Two kills, separated by pivot point la. Or the image above. Ryuko before… Satsuki after.

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