Book of Bantorra Reading Group


Before she was Ragyo Kiryuuin, Romi Park was Hamyuts Meseta, central figure of the bizarre and fascinating Book of Bantorra. In June, I would like do attempt a group watch of this series, whether over Skype, or on people’s own time, and reported on their blogs.

The blu-ray and DVD complete collection is released on May 13th. The show is also available through Hulu, so it should be easy for everyone interested to find a copy to watch.

If you’d be interested in taking a few hours each weekend to watch 1-4 episodes (of a 26 episode series) and analyze them, or blog about them, please leave a comment on this post or fill out the form and I can think about the best way to go about organizing this discussion.

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One thought on “Book of Bantorra Reading Group”

  1. I’ll probably be up for this. I’ll probably pick up the blurays for this at A-Kon at the beginning of June. Seen it a couple of times already but only wrote one or two things about it on my blog and never as in depth as I wanted.

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